Lucid Clean

Email Validation

Inbox delivery is an on-going challenge with different ISPS’s adopting different strategies and technologies to ensure their users are only receiving email they have opted into. We support this and have partnered with Email Oversight to improve our deliverability by validating your email addresses.

How it works?

By partnering with Email Oversight we can use their ‘multi-method solution’ that both verifies emails in real time to identify ‘bad’ data such as spam traps, hard bounces, complainers and bots. By removing the ‘bad’ data we are protecting your sending IP and domain reputation.

Why Lucid?

As we are buying email validation credit for our Lucid clients we can pass on our discounted credit to our clients.

We will set up your account that you will be able to access here.

Keeping it simple.

You will be invoiced monthly with the breakdown of usage on your monthly Lucid invoice.