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Email Validation & Hygiene

Ensure your emails are clean by using our validation process that incorporates both email hygiene and real-time email verification.

Email Delivery

Inbox delivery is an on-going challenge with different ISPS’s adopting different strategies and technologies to ensure their users are only receiving email they have opted into. We support this and have partnered with Email Oversight to improve our deliverability by validating your email addresses in real- time.

How it works?

EmailOversight employs a dual-method approach combining hygiene and verification scans to tackle email-based threats such as spam traps, hard bounces, complainers, bots, and more. These problematic emails can severely harm your sending reputation, IP/domain reputation, and overall deliverability.

The process begins with a hygiene scan, which targets and eliminates emails associated with reputation and network issues. This phase effectively removes harmful entities like spam traps, litigators, complainers, bots, disposable technologies, and inactive accounts. After addressing these issues, the emails proceed to the second phase.

In the verification scan, the system performs a real-time “PING” to each email address to receive a response code that confirms its validity. This phase identifies and resolves delivery-related issues such as hard bounces, malformatted emails, over-quota accounts, and syntax errors.

Through these integrated processes, EmailOversight systematically identifies and removes all damaging email addresses, significantly enhancing email deliverability and reputation while boosting overall engagement

Why Lucid?

As we are buying email validation credits for our Lucid clients in bulk we can pass on our discounted credits and savings to you!

We will set up your account that you will be able to access via a login or we’ll clean the list and supply a downloadable report with your results.

Keeping it simple.

You will be invoiced monthly with the breakdown of usage on your monthly Lucid invoice.

Let’s get started.